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May 11 2016


International (Toshiba Ultrasound Transducer)

La Leche League International is an organisation of women who offer information and encouragement to mothers who want to breast-feed their babies. The league provides counselling and education to parents and professionals through meetings, seminars, and publications. Its publications include a book called The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.Toshiba Ultrasound Transducer The league also distributes brochures on childbirth, child care, and related subjects. It directs group discussions for mothers who are breast-feeding and other interested women. 

Research La Leche League International More information about La Leche League International

A labarum is a standard or banner carried in Christian religious processions. 
Research Labarum

The Labour and Socialist International was an international association of socialist parties formed in Hamburg in 1923 and destroyed by the Second World War. It was also known as the Second International.

Research Labour and Socialist International More information about Labour And Socialist International

Labour Day is a public holiday held in many countries in honour of labour, usually held on May 1. 

Research Labour Day

The Independent Labour Party was inaugurated at Bedford on January 14th 1893.Edan Transducer  It was established with the object of bringing the trade unions of the country into the political arena as a distinct organisation for securing the direct representation of labour in Parliament, without any regard either to Liberalism or Toryism. Ironically, the Labour Party is today strongly criticised for the influence the trade unions have over it, with many people in Britain wishing to sever the links between the party and the unions.

Research Labour Party

The Labrador Current is a cold ocean current flowing southwards off the coast of Labrador and meeting the warm Gulf Stream, causing dense fogs off Newfoundland.

Research Labrador Current

A labyrinth is a maze like structure. 
Research Labyrinth

Lacerta is a small faint constellation in the northern hemisphere, part of which is crossed by the Milky Way, lying between Cygnus and Andromeda. 

Research Lacerta More information about Lacerta

In law, laches is neglect and unreasonable delay in enforcing an equitable right. If a plaintiff with full knowledge of the facts takes an unnecessarily long time to bring an action (e.g. to set aside a contract obtained by fraud) the court will not assist him; hence the maxim 'the law will not help those who sleep on their rights'. No set period is given but if the action is covered by limitation-of-actions legislation, the period given will not be shortened. Otherwise the time allowed depends on the circumstances. 

Research Laches

A lachrymatory or tear bottle is a small, narrow-necked vessel or phial found in ancient tombs. They were formerly thought to hold the tears of mourners - whence the name - another theory is that they were perfume bottles.
Research Lachrymatory

Lady Day (March the 25th) is the feast of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. It is one of the four quarter days in England, Wales and Ireland. Also called Annunciation Day.

Research Lady Day

Lag B'Omer is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 18th day of Iyar, the 33rd day of the Omer, and is a day of celebration for the whole nation of Israel. According to tradition, the students of the great sage Rabbi Akiva, who had been dying in great numbers, stopped dying on this day, and this is why it is a day of celebration, or rejoicing. It is also the day on which Rabi Shimon bar Yochai died, and although not normally an occasion for celebration, tradition has it that upon his death he revealed great wisdom, and so on Lag B'Omer he is also celebrated with people flocking to his grave in the city of Meron, singing and dancing and lighting bonfires. 

Research Lag B'Omer More information about Lag B'Omer

A lagoon is a shallow stretch of salt water partly or wholly separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land or a low sand-bank or coral reef. 

Research Lagoon

Lailat-ul-Qadr is a night of study and prayer observed annually by Muslims to mark the communication of the Koran. It usually follows the 27th day of Ramadan.  

Research Lailat-ul-Qadr

Lakes are accumulations of water in hollows on the earth's surface. When they are drained by rivers their waters are fresh, but when they have no outlet they are salty, e.g. the Dead Sea, Sea of Aral, etc.

Lakes may owe their origin to: (1) The formation of a barrier across a river. (2) Earth movements. (3) Ice erosion. (4) Volcanic action. Barriers across a river valley hold back the water, which forms a lake. Such barriers may be of various types. (a) Sometimes artificial barriers of concrete and masonry are built across a valley so as to make a lake which can act as a reservoir for the water-supply of a large city, e.g. LakeVyrnwy for Liverpool. (b) A glacier may deposit a mass of morainic material across a valley. In this way the lakes of the Lake District and many of the Scottish lakes were formed. (c) A landslip may occur. A lake was formed thus in the Upper GangesValley in 1892. Two years later the landslip dam gave way, and disastrous floods occurred downstream. (d) Oxbow lakes are formed from the meanders of rivers. The deposition of silt at the two ends of the 'oxbow' closes the channel between the main river and its old loop. Many oxbow lakes border the River Murray in Australia, and the lower Mississippi. (e) Sometimes a lavastream may flow across a valley and cause the formation of a lake, e.g. LakeTaupo in New Zealand. (f) Sometimes large estuaries are partially filled with silt. In the portions not so filled are large shallow lagoons. Such lagoons are found in deltaic areas. The NorfolkBroads are portions of an old river estuary. (g) When a silt-laden stream enters a lake its speed is checked and a barrier or delta is built across the lake splitting it into two portions. This has happened in the Lake District, where Keswick stands in the alluvial flats between Lakes Bassenthwaite and Derwentwater, and in Switzerland, where Interlaken is situated in the flats between Lakes Thun and Brienz. (h) The action of the sea often causes an accumulation of sand and pebbles which cuts off a lagoon of sea water. The Fleet in Dorset is such a lagoon, cut off from the sea by Chesil Bank, a long pebble beach which joins Portland Island to the mainland. The

gs of East Prussia are sand-spits which enclose the shallow salt-water lagoons or halls, such as Kurische Haff. Earth movements cause lake formation when subsidence occurs. This is most easily seen in rift valleys. Examples of riftvalley lakes are the Dead Sea, Lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika in Africa, and Lake Torrens in Australia. These are all long, narrow, and very deep lakes.
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